To see a list of universities:

Each University has its own requirements regarding what their criteria are for acceptance to the degree of Physiotherapy.

University of Cape Town – http://www.uct.ac.za/

University of the Free State – http://www.uovs.ac.za/

University of KwaZulu-Natal – http://www.ukzn.ac.za/

University of Limpopo (Medunsa campus) -http://www.medunsa.ac.za/faculties/science/chemistry/programs.htm

University of Pretoria – http://web.up.ac.za/

University of Stellenbosch (Post Grade Program) – http://www.sun.ac.za/

University of the Western Cape – http://www.uwc.ac.za/

University of the Witwatersrand – http://web.wits.ac.za/

Information regarding bursaries can be obtained from the relevant universities on application, or from The Director General, Office of the Commission for Administration, Private Bag X121, PRETORIA, 0001. Information regarding salaries can be obtained from the university to which you apply.